Rotadent Classic Brushes-Free Shipping

Rotadent Classic Brushes-Free Shipping
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Product Description

For some people, a standard toothbrush simply cannot provide the level of oral care they require. This is true if you've had cosmetic or restorative work like bridges, crowns, implants, or simply have open spaces or very crowded teeth. Failure to properly address any of these situations can allow bacteria to get out of control, leading to gum disease and even tooth loss, if allowed to persist long enough. Also, if you wear implants, but feel you are properly addressing your oral care, you might be using a brush that's too hard. If so, you could be creating microscopic grooves on your implants - also fertile territory for bacterial buildup.

What you need is a Rotadent toothbrush, regularly available only through dental offices. Because its manufacturer, Professional Dental Technologies, does not authorize either Internet or retail sales, it is instead Dental-Mart that offers this product. It is easy to see why the Rotadent toothbrush is professionally recommended. The Rotadent brush heads are one-third smaller, guaranteeing access into the areas a normal-sized brush cannot reach. Plus, the heads are soft, but the thousands of filaments spin at 1,350 revolutions per minute on a brush head that rotates 360 degrees. If you feel a mild tickling sensation, you will know you are reaching areas you have never before penetrated. In the end, 92% of your plaque is gone in the first minute.

Dental-Mart also offers Rotadent toothbrush replacement heads, and if you purchase two, you will save 10%. For your unique dental situation, you can finally obtain a level of oral hygiene you previously considerable unattainable. Now, instead of having to await a dentist visit, you can bring the dentist home to you with the Rotadent Classic toothbrush. We hope you will act promptly to firmly turn the corner to vastly improved oral care via Dental-Mart.


Rota-Dent Brush Head with brush tip.  White body color (black available, call for details). Select from styles above, one each.


Rotadent brushes have been proven effective in cleaning spaces that may be difficult for larger brushes. For example, severely crowded teeth, open spaces between teeth and dental implants.

Please note that the manufacturer does not authorize any sale of their products over the internet or any retail outlet, and therefore voids any warranty. Dental Mart will offer a warranty on any Pro-Dentec item sold for the life of the product.

Buy two brush heads, and save 10%.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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