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Floss Boss and Glide Dental Floss

Floss Boss and Glide Dental Floss
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Product Description

"Flossing Made Easy" is the Floss Boss™ motto! And, we're convinced that after using the Floss Boss™ you'll agree manual flossing doesn't get any easier.

Designed for ease and efficiency, the Floss Boss™ is a hand held dental flossing accessory onto which floss is temporarily threaded and secured. By gently gripping the handles, the user controls the floss's tension making even difficult areas of the mouth a snap to floss.

The simple yet effective patented design allows greater leverage and access to hard to reach molars and provides the necessary tension for floss to easily slip between tight adjoining teeth. Of all the floss holders we've tested this one can't be matched.

The safe and easy handling of the Floss Boss™ is a practical alternative to flossing the old, conventional way (see proper flossing technique) in which you must wrap thin, hard to handle floss around fingers sometimes so tightly that the blood circulation is restricted. And then reaching deep into your mouth you try to slip it between tight difficult to reach teeth. Well, you know what we mean!

After three years of research and several manufacturing improvements, the patented design of the Floss Boss™ is now available. Made of three interlocking pieces of durable ABS plastic it is engineered to be user friendly and to provide years of easy flossing. The Floss Boss™ is FDA approved.

To make manual flossing as easy and convenient as possible we have packaged Floss Boss™ with the state-of-the-art floss, Glide™ by W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. Glide™ is constructed of patented Gore-Tex™ fibers which allow it to slip effortlessly between teeth that are nearly impossible to floss conventionally. Non-shredding Glide™ is simply one the most clinically effective flosses on the market. We highly recommend Glide™!

The suggested retail price for both Floss Boss™ and "personal" size Glide™ (10 meters) is $7.15. DentalMart™ brings you this power packed duo for a low $5.95. Buy two sets and save even more. Only $10.50 for two sets ($14.30 retail). Keep one for yourself and give the other to your spouse or keep it the car, in a purse or at the office. This is a great opportunity to own the best and easiest method for manual flossing on the market. Item FB

Want to learn more about Floss Boss and Glide products? Just visit Floss Boss and Glide Floss.


Contains two Floss Boss™ holders and two "personal" size Glide™ dispensers
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10 meter "personal" size dispenser. Perfect for pocket or purse. 4 each, Big Savings!

This item is no longer carried.
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