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Gly-Oxide Antiseptic Oral Cleanser-2oz-Free Shipping

Gly-Oxide Antiseptic Oral Cleanser-2oz-Free Shipping
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Product Description

For a great all-around oral cleanser and soothing balm, order Gly-Oxide Antiseptic Oral Cleanser from Dental Mart. Its many uses make it a must-have for your medicine cabinet. For all kinds of mouth and gum irritations, wounds or inflammations, Gly-Oxide provides temporary relief. This includes everything from canker sores to irritations from a dental appliance you might be wearing. In addition, it helps remove phlegm, mucus and other secretions due to sore mouth and also kills odor-forming germs.

Both dentists and doctors recommend Gly-Oxide 2 oz., so you can have complete assurance you are using a quality product. Order your 2-oz. bottle today and begin to experience the relief that has eluded you for too long. This is just one of many Dental Mart products designed to take your oral care to the next level.

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