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Livionex Dental Gel- 1.75oz 2 pack-Free Shipping
Livionex Dental Gel- 1.75oz 2 pack-Free Shipping
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Product Description


Dentist-recommended Livionex Dental Gel cleans teeth 2.5x better than a leading toothpaste. It contains a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums, and unlike toothpaste, it contains: 1.No Abrasives 2.No Detergents 3.No Antimicrobials 4.No artificial colors

Livionex Dental utilizes ground breaking Activated Edathamil technology to provide a whole new kind of clean. Brushing with Livionex Dental Gel is close to having a professional cleaning every day, resulting in dramatically cleaner teeth.

It is safe because it is made of all edible ingredients. While we recommend brushing and spitting out after rinsing, there are times when children and people with special needs may swallow some of the dental gel. No need to worry because the product is fluoride free.

You only need to use a pea size amount of the dental gel for brushing. That means, that assuming you brush twice a day, each tube should last about 6 weeks.

•Easy-to-dispense tube

•Blue color & peppermint taste

•Dentist-recommended replacement for toothpaste

•2.5x better at cleaning teeth than a leading toothpaste

•No harsh abrasives or foaming agents used by toothpaste

•Powerful antioxidant

• 1.75 oz