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Orawave 2-minute Twinspin Replacement brushes

Orawave 2-minute Twinspin Replacement brushes
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Product Description

If you have a 30 Secondsmile Hydrabrush, you clearly demonstrate that practicing sound oral hygiene is important to you. You also know it's equally important that you replace your Hydrabrush head every 3-4 months to maintain your high level of care. If it's the Extra Reach Standard Soft Brush head you need, you can readily order that from Dental Mart or any other Hydrabrush replacement heads. Just look for the light blue bristles for quick identification.

This is the Hydrabrush head that doubles as plaque remover and gum stimulator. The longer bristles reach the gums, while the shorter bristles purge stains and plaque from tooth surfaces. If you should have larger teeth or gum recession, then the longer bristles give your gum-line the cleaning it so vitally needs. Meanwhile, the swiveling brush heads cover every angle, thus removing the need to practice perfect brushing technique.

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