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Violight Dental Spa-Free Shipping

Violight Dental Spa-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Scrubbing dentures, retainers, whitening trays and all other oral devices will seem so yesterday when you see the Violight Dental Spa at work, vibrating 8,000 times per minute to deliver a cleaning you've never experienced.  This battery-operated device combines several state-of-the art technologies - germicidal UV light high-frequency ultrasonic power - to do the job, then shut off automatically in 5 minutes.

No special ingredients, expensive solutions or additives are required. It uses plain water, three AA batteries, and since it weighs less than a pound, is perfect to take on the road. When you order this ultrasonic denture cleaner, you not only get superior cleaning at a nice price, but there is one more benefit: free shipping.

Dimension: 4.72L x 5.12W x 4.13D - Weight: 13.05 oz. Vibration: 8,000 times per minute - Power : 3 AA Batteries