Waterpik Tongue Cleaner Tips-Free Shipping

Waterpik Tongue Cleaner Tips-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Maybe you feel you're taking good care of your teeth, even using a Waterpik® Waterflosser, but still have an issue with bad breath. Have you considered your tongue? It may sound offbeat, but it is true that 70 percent of odor-causing bacteria is there. You already have part of the solution with your superior water flosser; now you need to combine that with Waterpik® tongue cleaner tips for you and your whole family from Dental Mart.

Simply shoot a pulsating stream to that hard-to-reach back part of your tongue where bacteria reside, and deliverance is at hand. Do this every day, and never again shrink from any social situation with bad breath fears.

Waterpik® tongue cleaner tips are compatible with these water flossers:

•Complete Care (WP-900)

•Ultra (WP-100)

•Cordless Plus (WP-450)

•Kids (WP-260)

•Traveler (WP-300)