Z31 Advanced Sonic Toothbrush-Free Shipping

Z31 Advanced Sonic Toothbrush-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you have been faithful to brush your teeth, but are failing to see decent results, it is time to take your brushing experience to the next level. Dental-Mart offers an array of products to do just that. One to seriously consider is the z31 Sonic toothbrush. The thought of returning to a manual toothbrush might become unthinkable once you have experienced the z31. For one thing, its advanced sonic cleaning technology produces 31,000 vibrations per minute, giving you an unsurpassed level of dental care. That is why it is clinically proven to reduce plaque even better than an oscillating toothbrush.

If you're concerned the z31 toothbrush will jar your senses with excessive power, or bring some other adverse effect, fear not. You can set it on high, soft, or even massage mode. Another attractive feature is the two-minute auto-timer, thus ensuring you address every area uniformly. You get a thorough deep cleaning because not only are the DuPont bristles high quality, but the brush heads conform perfectly to the contour of your teeth. Two heads are included, and Dental-Mart makes replacement heads available that give you that same level of treatment. The z31's power source is Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with LED indicators.

In the end, you will find your teeth naturally whiter, and feel immense satisfaction that the z31 has yielded such great results with comparatively little effort. Finally, you will obtain the level of oral hygiene that has so far proved elusive with mere manual brushing. At Dental-Mart, we regularly offer this high caliber of product right here at the best possible prices. With all this on one sight website, you are spared endless surfing and enjoy the added bonus of saving so much time. We look forward to the opportunity to service you with any of your dental needs.


Z-31 BRUSH HEADS-Free Shipping
If you're using a Z-31 Sonic toothbrush, you're getting an incredible 31,000 vibrations per minute, meaning a superior clean. This means it is especially important that you observe the American Dental Association recommendation and change out your brush head at regular 3-month intervals. You don't want to be using a worn-out brush and defeat the purpose of a fine instrument like the Z-31, especially when replacement Z-31 brush heads are so affordable when you order through Dental Mart.

Maintain the fine level of dental care you have been receiving and order today. Your order will include two brush heads, not just one. You're always assured of quality products at reasonable prices with Dental Mart.
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days