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Closys Oral Rinse, 3.4oz-Free Shipping

Closys Oral Rinse, 3.4oz-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you have become accustomed to finding relief from bad breath due to CloSys Oral Rinse, you don't want to do without just because you're traveling. Instead, get the 3.4 oz. Travel size from Dental Mart to maintain the edge on fresh breath. Resorting to popping mints now is a poor substitute, merely treating the symptoms. This CloSys mouthwash is indispensable for its ability to attack the bacteria largely responsible for bad breath (halitosis), delivering up to five hours of dependably fresh breath.

Get your CloSys travel size from Dental Mart today, and face social situations while on the road with the same confidence you do at home.