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Waterpik Products

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If you have crowns, bridges, or implants, or have kids with braces, you are all very well acquainted with the challenge of removing food particles from all the nooks and crannies. Doing the best you can is not enough - not when the result can be bad breath or even a serious gum disease like gingivitis, or worse, if bacteria buildup is allowed to fester long enough. If oral care has become a frustrating and tedious struggle, we at Dental care have good news: Abundant solutions are available, courtesy of Waterpik. Whatever your particular dental challenge, we have the answer: oral irrigators, toothbrushes, brush heads, and jet tips - and this is just for starters.

If flossing is proving to be too difficult for you right now, you can instead shoot water into those areas with The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. Not only does this make flossing easy and super effective, but studies have shown it is second to none for reducing plaque and gum disease. Among its many features are 10 pressure settings, enabling you to quickly address even the most stubborn situation, and it comes with a variety of jet tips and a three-year warranty. You will quickly discover why dental professionals recommend this flosser number one. When the time comes, you can also obtain Waterpik replacement tips, heads, and more right here.

This is just one of many Waterpik products that will transform your oral care into something fun, and you will be so happy at finally turning the corner to consistently fresh breath and greater confidence. Check Dental-Mart for these and many other products, because we are always on the lookout for the best items we can offer. You will find on our website that our product line is strictly brand name, so you indeed get only the best, and you can always count on the very best pricing.