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Radius Products

When it comes to securing your dental health, any toothbrush simply will not do. At the very minimum, you want to use a top-of-the-line brush to ensure you prevent not only cavity formation, but the onset of any gum disease that will mean possible breath problems and eventual pain - both physical and financial. Clearly, the time to act is now, not after problems ensue. Fortunately, Dental-Mart offers a variety of toothbrush alternatives in the Radius line for both adults and kids that will deliver the level of oral hygiene that will keep everyone well protected.

Radius toothbrushes are designed not only to deliver maximum dental care, but also to ensure your overall health is not compromised in any way. That's because both are free of BPA and latex, and a man-made chemical often used in plastics called phthalates. Meanwhile, both also have an angled neck, enabling you to brush hard-to-reach areas, and the wide, soft head provides a gentle, yet thorough, cleaning. Best of all, these brushes last up to nine months, not the three months you get with most toothbrushes on the market. 

Our children's brushes feature extra-soft 100% vegetable bristles, thus also guaranteeing a soft, yet effective, brushing experience. Available are the brushes for kids older than 18 months, and for those 6 months old and up. You will always get premium bristles that offer the ultimate in cleaning and protection for both teeth and gums.

As you can see, you can't go wrong when you look to Dental-Mart for your oral care needs. Please avail yourself of these high-caliber products at once, and leave nothing to chance for you and your family. Anything you need in the Radius category is there for you, as well as products in many more dental care categories.