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Just For Kids

Are your kids offering resistance at toothbrushing time? Is it starting to feel like pulling teeth (pardon the pun)? You can forget about bribery, threats, and any other tactics you are tempted to employ. Dental-Mart has the answer - a line of products geared especially to kids. These will certainly help make toothbrushing fun and help yours get a better handle on the importance of sound dental care.

In bright, eye-catching pastels and other kid-friendly colors, you will find everything from dental floss and a travel toothbrush set to bubble-gum and berry-flavored toothpastes, and much more. How about a simple dental brushing timer that a mother designed for her own family, so they would brush long enough? If your kids think brushing for a few seconds is sufficient, this device will show them otherwise, when a bell sounds after a full two minutes. Of course, even adults can benefit. When your kids get into it, you will finally gain the peace of mind that the likelihood of cavities has now become much more remote. You can also get a kids dental care kit that includes a timer, along with floss, toothpaste, and more - all in a zip pouch bag. Especially unique are disclosing tablets that pinpoint plaque. Simply chew a tablet, swish for a minute, spit, and rinse. A harmless dye reveals the areas to target. You cannot give your children an object lesson more graphic than that, stimulating them to brush with newfound vigor.

Not only do you get top-flight, dentist-approved products from Dental-Mart, but at astonishingly economic prices. Sometimes you will even find additional discounts and more. For example, you can also take advantage of the Plak Smacker Toothbrush sale and more. Take advantage at once and get your kids on the road to greatly improved oral hygiene with Dental-Mart.