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Dental Nightguards

Grinding teeth at night isn't terribly uncommon. However, failing to protect your teeth from it can have terrible consequences for your dental health. That's why we offer this selection of high-quality dental night guards at Dental-Mart. These mouth guards for teeth grinding ensure that your teeth are safely protected from unwanted issues. It's an easy solution for those who unconsciously clench their jaw or grind their teeth while asleep. And when you order from Dental-Mart, it's also an affordable solution.

For those who have problems with grinding their teeth at night, it's important to consider the benefits a dental moth guard can offer. First and foremost, excessive grinding can actually wear the teeth down over time, and depending on how you clench your jaw, it can happen in a very uneven and noticeable manner.

But it's not just the cosmetic effects you should worry about; it's also the effects on the health of your teeth. When the teeth become flattened, they can become sensitive to temperature if the wear gets too close to the nerve. Serious cases can even lead to cracks in the teeth or receding gums. If conditions do not improve, serious dental fixes like extractions, implants, veneers or crowns may be necessary. Grinding your teeth can also affect your health in other ways; some people who suffer from this condition awaken with migraines or pain in their shoulders, back, neck and/or ears.

With this information, choosing a night mouth guard is a no-brainer for those with teeth grinding issues. Fortunately, Dental-Mart has a selection of high-quality, dentist-recommended options available at discount prices. From the SleepRight mouth guard to night guard cleaning products, you'll find that our dental bite guard prices will save you money compared to other retailers. Start protecting your teeth by ordering one of these dental night guards from Dental-Mart.