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Tongue Scrapers

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When you think of dental care, you naturally think of toothbrushes - both manual and electric - as well as floss, toothpaste, and the like, to purge yourself of food debris and bacterial buildup that contribute to bad breath and many other issues. However, those dental supplies only address the teeth and gums. There's another area in your mouth that's also a prime breeding ground for bacteria - the tongue. Just as carpeting fibers collect dirt, so does your tongue pick up bacteria, which decays in the many ridges and bumps of your tongue's surface, and studies have shown this actually contributes to the lion's share of bad breath cases. Thus, along with your brushes and floss, you need an equally important tool - a tongue cleaner - which is specially designed to scrape, which your brush cannot do effectively.

From Dental-Mart, you can choose among several tongue cleaners that both dentists and dental hygienists have approved - all made with complete comfort and effectiveness in view. If you fear that using a tongue cleaner will cause you to gag, you can have confidence there too, because our scrapers have a patented design that dramatically minimizes that possibility. They are also highly durable, easy to clean, non-allergenic, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe. Depending on which one you order, you will enjoy any number of additional features. Regardless, however, there's a chance that scraping your tongue can lead to one more especially attractive benefit - an improved ability to taste your food.

Considering the many positives, we trust you will lose no time acquiring a dental tongue cleaner from Dental-Mart. We look forward to helping improve your oral hygiene and your overall quality of life. Our products are among the industry's best, and our prices are extremely reasonable, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.