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OraSweet® Tongue Cleaner-Free Shipping

OraSweet®  Tongue Cleaner-Free Shipping
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Product Description

OraSweet® Manual Tongue Cleaner

Think of the tongue's surface as being like a carpet. It is covered with thousands of tiny projections called papilla. Just like a carpet fibers collects dirt, these papilla collect bacteria. If this bacteria is not removed each day they produce the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause bad breath (halitosis). See CloSYS® Oral Rinse.

The OraSweet® is totally unique from it's ergometric design to its patented concave head with a scraping edge that is specifically designed for gentle cleaning. This design also dramatically reduces the chance of gagging.

The OraSweet® tongue Cleaner offers:

  • Unique And Patented Non-gagging Shaped
  • Dentists And Dental Hygienist Recommended
  • Removes Bad Breath Causing Oral Bacteria

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Want to learn more about the OraSweet® tongue Cleaner? Just visit the OraSweet site.


OraSweet®  Tongue Cleaner Three Pack-Free Shipping, no tax

Three OraSweet® tongue cleaners, assorted colors.

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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days