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Oral Irrigators

Cleansing, Irrigator

DentalMart has a broad selection of oral irrigator products to help you properly clean your teeth and correct future problems before they start. An oral irrigator uses water and air to flush away unwanted food and debris from the crevasses between your teeth and gums. Enjoy the benefits of Waterpik technology with one of our oral irrigators.

Introducing the Latest Waterpik Technology

Order the latest in waterpik technology from DentalMart. We offer many brands of oral irrigators including the Hydrofloss model, the Waterpik oral irrigator, and the Oral B Oxyjet Center. An oral irrigator and floss provides a quick, professional dental cleaning. Try a Waterpik oral irrigator today.

Perfect Combination: Oral Irrigator and Floss

Enjoy fresher breath and healthier teeth with an oral irrigator and floss product. Choose from our selection of Hydrofloss, Oral-B, or the Waterpik oral irrigator today.

Give your teeth and gums a dentist-caliber cleansing right in the privacy of your home with an oral irrigator product from Dental-Mart. Harnessing Waterpik technology, an oral irrigator shoots an air-water combination that enables you to dislodge food particles from even the most hard-to-reach areas - even those that flossing has missed. This provides you the ultimate in preventive treatment, making the formation of plaque virtually impossible. Unfortunately, for most adults, plaque does form, leading to some type of gum disease by age 35. You can escape that fate with an oral irrigator.

Through Dental-Mart, you can easily obtain your choice of any of the leading brand name teeth irrigators available today, whether Hydrofloss, Waterpik, or Oral B, with the Oral B Oxyjet Flosser. Not only will you banish gum disease, but you will leave your mouth, teeth, gums, and breath, fresh and healthy. In fact, bad breath is frequently due to more deep-seated problems that an oral irrigator can remedy. Instead of relentlessly popping mints, attack the root of the problem and be free to fully enjoy any social situation without such an annoying distraction.

Our irrigators come with several color-coded jet tip holders, so each family member can tell them apart. You can also order replacement tips, including the kind that clean deep into gum pockets or around bridgework or other more inaccessible spots. Also available is a jet tip holder you can mount to the wall.

Always remember that you will get the best in oral irrigators and any other dental hygiene product from Dental-Mart, so shop here for all your needs and also be assured of the best prices. We are always alert to technological advancements in dentistry, so check back often to remain apprised of our product offerings. We look forward to serving you.