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ProFloss Dental Waterflosser-Free Shipping

ProFloss Dental Waterflosser-Free Shipping
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Product Description

The faucet-powered ProFloss Dental Waterflosser makes it easy to clean your teeth and gums. No batteries or outlets needed!

A strong stream of water helps freshen breath and remove debris and bacteria left behind by flossing and brushing, for a healthier smile. Four adjustable settings provide just the right water intensity, whether you have sensitive gums or want deep, powerful cleansing. Best of all, with the ProFloss Dental Waterflosser there's no electricity needed. It's extremely easy to use. Just attach the Quick-Connect faucet aerator to your faucet, connect the Waterjet and turn on the water the force of the water coming out of the faucet powers the Waterflosser.

When you're done, simply store it away out of sight in its zippered storage pouch (included). Also includes control handle with hose, Quick-Connect faucet aerator and two Waterjet picks.

Now you can get a healthier-looking smile without the hassle of batteries or outlets try the unique, faucet-powered ProFloss Dental Waterflosser today.

ProFloss Dental Waterflosser - Does Not Use Batteries, Cleans Debris Between Teeth, Safe for Adults and Children Use, Massages and Stimulates Gums, Improves Gum Health, Promotes Healing of Bleeding Gums, Great for Cleaning Braces

-No Reservior to Fill, Powered By Water Pressure From Faucet

-Ergonomic Handle

-Comes with User Guide

Will fit 15/16" female faucet threads OR 55/64" male faucet threads.