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Sleepright Tongue Cleaner-Free Shipping

Sleepright Tongue Cleaner-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Sleepright Tongue Cleaner-Free Shipping
If bad breath plagues you, though you faithfully brush and floss, you must also give attention to your tongue. It may sound strange, but the tongue is where most of the bad breath-causing bacteria resides. You need the Sleepright Tongue Cleaner from Dental Mart. This tongue scraper has a double-edged design that will comfortably remove plaque build-up and collect it right there for you to see. The dramatic improvement in your breath will surprise you for sure. Forget about masking the odor with mints and sprays, and attack the root cause with The Sleepright Tongue Cleaner. In the process, you will greatly improve your overall dental hygiene.

As an added benefit, the handle features a reusable compartment, so you can transport such items as floss picks, cotton swabs, lip balm and more. Among tongue scrapers, you will find the Sleepright Tongue Cleaner from Dental Mart second to none.