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Sleepright Night Guard-Ultra-Comfort-Free Shipping

Sleepright Night Guard-Ultra-Comfort-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Study after study has shown the destructive effects of grinding the teeth. The dental profession calls it "bruxism" (pronounced BRUK-sizm). Why is it dangerous? Research shows our teeth should "normally" touch less than 15 minutes per day. This, of course, is during chewing otherwise the teeth are apart. Bruxers have been known to grind their teeth for hours on end.

Let's face it, when anything is over used it can be harmed or wear out. It doesn't matter if it's tires on your car or the teeth in your mouth. Most bruxism occurs at night when we are asleep, although some people grind their teeth during the day as well. In addition to tooth damage, bruxism can be very annoying to others. The grinding sound of severe bruxers can be so loud it may even be heard in adjacent rooms!

So how do you know if you or someone around you is a grinder? Most often a sleep partner hears the grinding or wear on the teeth is noticed by the bruxer or their dentist. If left untreated bruxism can lead to permanent damage of the teeth, including cracked and chipped enamel, hairline fractures, and even wearing the teeth down to the gumline. In addition, grinding can cause complicated jaw-related disorders (such as temporomandibular joint disorders).

In this regard our newest addition to our products looks like a winner. Splintek, a maker of excellent and unique products has developed the SleepRight® Adjustable Nightguard. This product is unique in that it does not need boiling, is adjustable and can be used in non-contact sporting activities such as golf, weightlifting, tennis, cycling, bowling, archery, skeet shooting, to name a few.

However, its patented ability to be adjusted has to be its most valuable feature. The nightguard has four bite pad positions that let this nightguard fit just about anyone’s mouth.

Another added benefit of using the SleepRight® Adjustable Nightguard is the ability of the wearer to use it during the day.

The SleepRight® Adjustable Nightguard comes in two sizes; the standard size,which fits most individuals and is recommended for sleeping, and the low profile which is recommended for the day time and for people with sensitive gums or very small mouths.

Care for the SleepRight® Adjustable Nightguard is very simple as you clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste or with mouthwash.

Want to learn more about the SleepRight® Adjustable Nightguard? Just visit Splintek