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A Trip To The Dentist - Pinatta's View DVD-Free Shipping

A Trip To The Dentist - Pinatta's View DVD-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Emily and her mother as they discover exactly what happens on Emily's first trip to the dentist. This thoughtful presentation will give your child an advantage that will last a lifetime. The short thirty minute video about a child's first dental visit is specifically focused on a "child's eye" view of the world. It's perfect for the preschooler who is ready for his/her first trip to the dentist.

Pinatta a warm hearted, flamboyant puppet talk show host with a funky puppet back up band narrates the adventure. Pinatta gives Emily "boggle goggle" sunglasses that magically allow your child to see through Emily's eyes as she makes her first visit to the dentist. Meet the dentist and hygienist, see the tools they use and experience the kissing machine (the saliva suction).

This positive and simple approach to a new experience is filled with factual information giving preschoolers a head start on their first dental visit. The video addresses the issues of what to expect on a first visit and common concerns about the experience, as well as feedback from real children before and after their first visit. Emily's mom, as a role model, and the lovable Pinatta are excellent guides as Emily takes her first step towards understanding and caring for her oral health and hygiene.

Do your child a favor and instill a level of awareness that creates a desire for a clean, healthy smile. Positive feelings about brushing and flossing begin in early childhood and the benefits last a lifetime. Remember to help your child with brushing and flossing until he/she is able to brush and floss correctly on their own. A beautiful smile begins with the first tooth Understanding the importance of oral healthcare is a benefit that will contribute to your child's confidence and overall health for a lifetime. Start today!

Included with the video is a picture of Pinatta that your child can color. You may submit the coloring by your young artist to for possible display on the website. And grandparents remember, Pinatta's View makes the perfect gift. 30 minutes.

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