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Plak Smacker Plaque Disclosing Tablets- 30 each-Free Shipping

Plak Smacker Plaque Disclosing Tablets- 30 each-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If your kids are shrugging off your admonitions to brush thoroughly so they don't miss any spots, we have a product guaranteed to arrest their attention: plaque disclosing tablets. All they have to do is chew a disclosing tablet, swish around with their saliva for 60 seconds, spit and rinse. This will leave a harmless two-toned dye that will tell the tale. Old plaque will show up blue, and new plaque will be red. Have them brush again, administer another pill, and recheck. They will immediately see what they have missed. The next time they have to brush, you can rest assured they will approach the task with the kind of motivation a parent wants to see, thereby preventing any early onset of gum disease.

As you can see, our plaque disclosing tablets are an absolutely invaluable object to teach your kids a lesson in a fun manner. You will also get a special price for 30 individually wrapped tablets ready for use anytime, anywhere. Order yours today.