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Sofresh Kid's Toothbrush Free Shipping

Sofresh Kid's Toothbrush Free Shipping
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Product Description

Dental Mart has never featured manual toothbrushes, because it is difficult to find any sufficiently unique, but all that changed when we tested the SoFresh Flossing toothbrush™.

This child's version has the same "dual action" short and long bristles that properly clean the sides and top of your teeth as well as between them and below the gum line that the adult version has. Also, both types of bristles are made to complement one another and deliver precise, effective brushing. At the same time, these are soft bristles, which will prevent the formation of grooves in your teeth that firmer brushes can cause - a phenomenon called "tooth brush abrasion."

Because the American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush about every three months, you want to take advantage and order our flossing toothbrush Six Pak so you can get more savings.

Want to learn more about the SoFresh flossing toothbrush™? Just visit the SoFresh Oral Care site.