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Radius Source Toothbrush-Free Shipping

Radius Source Toothbrush-Free Shipping
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Radius Source Toothbrush

The Source Toothbrush provides an all-over mouth clean that leaves you feeling like you just went to the Dentist. With 4500 premium bristles (200% more), the soft, wide head of fanned out bristles helps improve gum health by massaging sensitive gums while brushing. Healthy gums are proven to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Ordinary toothbrushes are either too hard or too small to massage the gums. The head of the Source was designed to be smaller than other RADIUS toothbrushes in order to target different mouth types and brushing styles. A long, slim, unbreakable neck allows for a longer reach for hard to reach back teeth. The ergonomic handle ensures a relaxed grip that reduces pressure on the teeth and sensitive gum tissue, helping to protect the gumline, reduce receding & bleeding gums and enamel erosion.

Available in various materials like Recycled Wood and Recycled Dollar Bills. Reversible handle allows for both Right and Left-handed brushers.

Each toothbrush comes with a replacement head.