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CloSYS Oral Mouthwash-2 16 oz. bottles-Free Shipping

CloSYS  Oral Mouthwash-2  16 oz. bottles-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Bad breath (halitosis) arises largely from bacteria that typical mouthwashes only mask, but do not truly remedy. To truly deal effectively with this annoying problem, you need a mouthwash that periodontists developed that will give you fresh breath for up to five hours. What you need is CloSYS Oral Mouthwash (formerly RetarDEX). CloSYS is an active ingredient so reliably effective, breath clinics nationwide regularly make it available.

When you order CloSYS mouthwash from Dental Mart, you will receive two 16-oz. bottles. Meanwhile, see your dentist regularly to ensure your bad breath is not resulting from another cause. CloSYS products are clearly the best at eliminating occasional halitosis, and when combined with CloSYS Toothpaste, you get an unbeatable one-two punch.