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Cybersonic 1 replacement brushes, 4 brushes-Free Shipping

Cybersonic 1 replacement brushes, 4 brushes-Free Shipping
Item# CYBB4
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Product Description

Brush head replacement at 3-month intervals for your Cybersonic toothbrush is absolutely essential. Though it can be tempting to delay, this is contrary to recommendations of both dentists and the American Dental Association, no matter what the toothbrush. Furthermore, even if the brush head still looks intact, they say the 3-month interval should still be observed to prevent any tooth damage, particularly if the brush ends are frayed in any way. 

Three months certainly goes fast, so if you are a Cybersonic 1 user, your best value is to buy a four-pack, which is a one-year supply. This will save you 10% over the cost of one replacement brush. We at Dental Mart compliment you for having the foresight to continue the fine oral care you are already enjoying with your Cybersonic toothbrush.