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Cybersonic 2 replacement brushes, 4 pack

Cybersonic 2 replacement brushes, 4 pack
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Product Description

If you are a Cybersonic 2 toothbrush user, you have demonstrated a keen understanding of how important solid dental care is to your overall wellbeing. To maintain your high level of oral care, you want to now ensure that you replace your brush head at the 3-month intervals that both dentists and the American Dental Association recommend. Continuing to use your brush past that time can jeopardize your oral health, according to the ADA, even if your brush head doesn't look that worn.

Don't procrastinate and then buy one brush head, when you know you will need another in just a matter of time. Why not buy a four-pack from Dental Mart, which is a one-year supply, and save 10% to boot? We look forward to supplying your need and furthering the high standard of oral care you already enjoy with the Cybersonic 2.

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