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Cybersonic 1 Replacement Brushes- A102, 2 brushes-Free Shipping

Cybersonic 1 Replacement Brushes- A102, 2 brushes-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you own a Cybersonic toothbrush, you already know you made a great investment. It is considered the world's fastest toothbrush. As a result, you have been enjoying cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and greater confidence in social settings, knowing your breath will pose no problem. However, to maintain these gains, there is one more investment you must be sure to make - purchasing Cybersonic replacement brushes at regular intervals. Even the world's fastest toothbrush can be compromised if your brush head is worn. The American Dental Association recommends a replacement every three months, no matter how the bristles look. Waiting any longer can risk damage to your enamel and gums, so please do not wait.

Through Dental-Mart, you can order factory replacement brushes that will work with any Cybersonic toothbrush you own. Direct from the manufacturer, you will receive two brushes per order, and at a discounted price.