The Doctor'sŪ BrushPicks-Free Shipping

The Doctor'sŪ BrushPicks-Free Shipping
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Product Description

The Doctor'sŪ BrushPicks Toothpicks

You will never look at a wooden toothpick the same after using The Doctor's® BrushPicks™ from Dental-Mart. This is a plastic toothpick uniquely engineered to improve upon wooden toothpicks, not only removing food particles, but plaque too, while stimulating your gums. This brushpick has a triangular shape and tiny bristles so you can get easily between teeth; plus, it's flexible, for added maneuverability. Also, the rounded safety tip will protect teeth and gums; yet, it has a ribbed edge that removes plaque between teeth while leaving dental work undisturbed.

Your order will include 275 brushpicks. In the world of doctors' brushpicks, this product is the very best. We at Dental-Mart are so confident of this, we offer a complete 30-day money-back refund, if you return the unused portion.