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Closys Oral Rinse - Extra Large 32oz Bottle-Free Shipping

Closys Oral Rinse - Extra Large 32oz Bottle-Free Shipping
Item# CLO-OR32
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Product Description

Are you tired of popping mints to combat bad breath (halitosis), only to feel your mouth going musty soon after they dissolve? Isn't it about time to attack the problem at its root? The root cause of most bad breath cases is volatile sulfur compounds, known as VSC, which occur during the natural breakdown of oral bacteria and human cells. What you need is CloSYS Oral Rinse (formerly RetarDEX), proven to purge VSCs on contact and give you fresh breath for up to 5 hours. Combine with  CloSYS Toothpaste, and you may not look at a breath mint again. Still, however, you want to see your dentist, in the event your halitosis stems from a more deep-seated cause.

Order an extra-large 32 oz. bottle of this superior oral rinse from Dental Mart, and you will finally taste victory from halitosis.