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Flix Indertendal Cleaners, unflavored, 60 ct-Free Shipping

Flix Indertendal Cleaners, unflavored, 60 ct-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Flix Indertendal Cleaners, unflavored, 60 ct-Free Shipping

When in need of a toothpick, skip the typical wooden one that does not always get the job done, and go for the state-of-the-art variety from Flix - Flix Interdental Cleaners. Made of strong, flexible plastic, this device is actually a flosser that gets into tough areas to remove particles and even plaque, while also freshening breath.

Designed for one-time use, Flix Interdental Cleaners boast several especially unique features: an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip - all important as you maneuver between teeth and avoid hurting your gums; a progressively tapered head so you can get in where plaque tends to be; patented FiberFloss on each Flix stick; and a cavity-fighting fluoride treatment within the floss that is released during use.

As you think about how to use interdental cleaners, consider how handy it will be to freshen your mouth before social situations instead of popping a mint that will soon dissolve. This Flix product is unflavored, and you will get 60 per pack.

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