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Oral B Smart Series 4000 Professional Care Toothbrush

Oral B Smart Series 4000 Professional Care Toothbrush
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Product Description

New Oral-B Professional Series is Oral-B's best, most advanced toothbrush system. Inspired by dental professionals, Oral-B Professional Series has new brushing technologies and interactive feedback that will help you brush your best every day. An innovative new FlossAction™ brushhead gives you a superior clean,* even in hard to reach places, while patented Smart Technology helps you get the most from your brushing. Oral-B Triumph also has Oral-B® ProfessionalCare™ patented oscillating-pulsating technology with 40,000 in-and-out pulsations that gently loosen plaque and 8,800 back-and-forth oscillations to sweep it away.

Clinically Proven Benefits Use Oral-B Professional Series twice daily to:

+ Provide a superior overall clean*

+ Penetrate deep between teeth for a floss-like clean†

+ Get cleaner, whiter teeth in 21 days when used with PowerPolisher

+ Polish away even the toughest stains when used with PowerPolisher

+ Improve gum health by healing and reversing gingivitis

+ Rejuvenate gums

Product Features:

+ New advanced FlossAction™Brushhead with MicroPulse™bristles

· The FlossAction brushhead surrounds each tooth for superior overall cleaning*

· MicroPulse bristles pivot independently to penetrate deep between teeth for a superior, floss-like clean.†

+ Patented Smart Technology with dentist-inspired feedback that helps you brush your best every day

· Displays your brushing time, helping you achieve the dental-recommended 2 minutes

· Tracks battery charge level so you can brush with optimal power · Recognizes "smart" refills and automatically operates in the optimal mode

· Advises when your brushhead has passed optimal cleaning performance and should be replaced

· Tracks usage status of individual "smart" brushheads, so "smart" feedback is refill-specific

+ Four brushing modes let you customize your clean· Clean: Superior whole mouth cleaning*

· Soft: Gentle yet thorough cleaning for sensitive areas · Massage: Gentle stimulation of gums

· Polish: All-over polishing and whitening

+ Dentist-inspired PowerPolisher for polishing and whitening

+ Portable SmartPlug™charger, an innovative new charging plug that makes it easy to recharge Oral-B Triumph anywhere

+ Innovative base station that provides space to store refills and adapts to different storage needs + Professional Timer signals every 30 seconds, encouraging a complete cleaning of the 4 quadrants of your mouth

+ A Pressure Sensor stops pulsations when you brush too hard

+ As part of the ProfessionalCare Series, Oral-B Triumph has the unique 3D Excel brushing action, with 40,000 pulsations to loosen plaque and 8,800 oscillations to sweep plaque away. Oscillating-rotating technology—pioneered by Oral-B—has been independently confirmed to be the best cleaning technology.

Detailed Model Information

1 Oral-B® Triumph™ rechargeable handle

1 brushheads (1 FlossAction™ with MicroPulse™ Bristles)

3 brushing modes

SmartDisplay that shows brushing time and charge status, and advises when the brushhead should be changed

Professional 2-minute timer

Professional interval timer

Pressure sensor

Base station with storage for 4 brushheads

Innovative SmartPlug with multivoltage capability

1 Travel Case

*Versus Oral-B® Flexisoft® Brushhead. †Does not replace flossing.

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