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Oratek Tooth Whitener B-Free shipping

Oratek Tooth Whitener B-Free shipping
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Product Description

Do you feel like you're losing the battle against tooth discoloration, no matter how well you brush and floss? Do you question whether you are doing something wrong? All this is all too familiar territory for so many. Teeth are going to discolor over time, despite your best efforts, but even faster if you drink coffee, tea, or wine or use tobacco. However, you can reverse this trend if you take at least one more additional step: Supplement your brushing and flossing with tooth polish, using a powered polisher.

Dental-Mart offers a name brand tooth whitener from Oratek similar to what your dentist uses. Think of clean and fresh you feel after one of those cleaning sessions. Now, imagine experiencing that twice a month. Gone are the stains; gone is the discoloration, and you will quickly recapture that bright, white smile that once had you smiling so confidently.