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Plak Smacker Disposable Toothbrush, 6 pack-Free Shipping

Item# PSQCD6
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Product Description

If you're a frequent traveler, it's time to consider using a disposable toothbrush. With the Plak Smacker from Dental Mart, you actually have the option of dumping it after one-time use, or using it up to 30 days. Such durability may seem rather unique for a disposable toothbrush, but such is the Plak Smacker. It is due to its copper wire anchoring; yet, the bristles are soft nylon, providing a gentle, yet thorough cleansing.

Take advantage of our bulk savings offer and get a six-pack of Plak Smackers, which will save you 20% versus buying a single brush. They are individually cello-wrapped and available in six colors:  blue, red, green, purple, yellow and orange. If you're traveling as a family, the colors make for easy identification.