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Plak Smacker Orthodontic Care Kit-Free Shipping

Plak Smacker Orthodontic Care Kit-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you're a family on the go, and concerned about maintaining orthodontic care while traveling, Dental-Mart is just one step ahead of you! We make available the ultimate orthodontic kit that contains all the orthodontic care products necessary to keep teeth looking their best. The unique Plak Smacker Orthodontic Care Kit contains a dual head brush, interproximal brush, travel brush, orthodontic mint wax, a 15-yard spool of mint floss, mouth mirror, water bottle and even Plak Smacker dental floss threaders.

Never allow your dental care to suffer just because you're on the road. Order today from Dental-Mart and maintain the same level of oral hygiene you're enjoying at home.