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PlaqueHD Toothpaste (Fresh Mint)-Free Shipping

PlaqueHD Toothpaste (Fresh Mint)-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Professional Plaque-Identifying Anticavity Toothpaste

•Professional Plaque-Identifying Toothpaste with Targetol TechnologyTM helps patients identify and remove plaque.

•Anti-Cavity and Anti-Plaque Toothpaste

•Plaque Disclosing toothpaste that freshens breath and removes plaque.

Plaque HD is the first-ever professional plaque-identifying toothpaste with fluoride. Plaque HD is highly regarded by dental practices and patients due to the consistently excellent results experienced by users of Plaque HD. Employing our patented Targetol Technology, Plaque HD discloses the areas of patients' teeth that are affected by plaque and directs them to improve brushing by concentrating on the affected areas. This allows the patient to target any areas of plaque build-up that may have been missed during brushing to completely remove plaque from teeth. Plaque HD has been successfully shown in studies to reduce plaque by a ratio of two to one over standard toothpaste, thereby helping families practice better oral hygiene at home and experience more successful and enjoyable dental visits.