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Protech Denture and Nightguard Cleaner, 3 month supply

Protech Denture and Nightguard Cleaner, 3 month supply
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Product Description

Are you tired of trying denture cleaner after denture cleaner and winding up dissatisfied? Are you ready for one so good, it comes with a complete 30-day money-back guarantee? That's the Protech Denture and Nightguard Cleaner, which you won't find in stores. It is a professional cleaner like the kind used in dental offices. This is definitely not the kind that bubbles and sizzles, but actually does little to remove deposits and buildup.

Order the Protech, and you will receive a 3-month supply of pre-measured mint-flavored foil packets that will lay waste even the toughest coffee, tea, iron and nicotine stains, but cost no more than other premium cleaners. It's safe for all kinds of dentures and orthodontic appliances, but only not recommended for partials made from Ticonium® Alloy. Remember, if you don't find the Protech denture cleaner the best, just return the unused portion for a refund.

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