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Denture Brush-Free Shipping, no tax
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Product Description

If you're a denture wearer and in the market for a toothbrush, don't make the mistake of thinking one brush is just as good as another. You need a denture brush that will not only deliver a quality overall cleaning, but will also effectively reach the hard-to-reach areas. You need the Denture Brush from Dental Mart.

This denture toothbrush boasts some impressive features. The brush head is dual action, multi-tufted and angle trimmed; thus, as you brush, you're covering every direction. The nylon bristles are firm and strong, yet resilient enough to provide a thorough cleaning. Also, because the large handle is ergonomically designed, it is easy to grip so you get maximum leverage. The Denture Brush is clearly one of the premier denture brushes on the market today, so experience it for yourself and see the change!


-A large, multi-tufted brush head helps in removing residual food matter and stains

-A smaller, angled brush head is perfect for those hard to reach places

-Bristles are made of strong and resilient nylon