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Protech Sonic Denture Machine

Sonic Denture Machine-Free Shipping
Sonic Denture Machine-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Maybe you do a diligent job cleaning your dentures. Day in and day out you're faithful to get after them so you can be at your cleanest and whitest. Over time, however, even the best efforts can use some assistance. What you need is a state-of-the-art denture cleaner that utilizes, ultrasonic wave vibrations to deliver a cleaning that does more in 5 minutes than you can do with all the time and effort scrubbing.

You need the Protech Sonic Denture Machine that will quickly deal with stains, bacteria, particles and more, and it's safe not only on dentures, but retainers, and it's a night guard cleaner too. You can even use it on jewelry. This is a denture cleaning machine that's tops on the market today. Order yours today from Dental Mart and behold the difference!