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Purebrush Toothbrush Holder And Sterilizer

Purebrush Toothbrush Holder And Sterilizer
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Product Description

It's sometimes hard to imagine the number of germs that live in our mouths. Viruses and bacteria by the millions! Stuff like herpes, cold virus, flu virus and bacteria that causes gum disease, only to mention a few.

Think about it. If you're doing what your supposed to, that is brushing twice a day, every morning you're transferring germs to your toothbrush. Then, every night, you're transferring then back into your mouth and body! Is it any wonder why some illnesses just seem to hang on? Now you can stop that cycle by using the Purebrushtoothbrush sterilizer and storage system.

Research has shown that harmful microorganisms can live on a moist toothbrush for over 24 hours. Research has also shown that ultraviolet (UV) light can effectively eliminate those microorganisms. This is exactly how the Purebrush system works. By storing your manual toothbrushes or electric toothbrush brushheads in the Purebrush you can dramatically decrease or eliminate these harmful germs.

The whole family can enjoy the benefits of the Purebrush system. The unit holds up to four brushes in a beautifully styled cabinet. It can be either wall mounted or sit on the counter top. The unit comes with a manufacturer's warranty of one full year and DentalMart's 30 day money back guarantee. UV bulb life is estimated at 1000 hours. Replacement bulbs may be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

The Purebrush helps stop re-infection and cross-infection of others. Order the Purebrush now and see just how easy it is to keep your toothbrushes germ safe. PURB

Want to learn more about the Purebrush ? Just visit the Purebrush web site.

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