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Slim Sonic Confetti Sonic Toothbrush Free Shipping

Slim Sonic Confetti Sonic Toothbrush Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you like to brush your teeth after lunch at work, or at other times while out and about, you can't beat the look or quality of the Slim Sonic Toothbrush. Confetti is the exterior look on the mascara-style vented cap, so it hardly even looks like you're carrying a toothbrush at all. Should you prefer other colors and prints, those are also available. Then, the performance is exceptional for a portable toothbrush, with 22,000 brush strokes per minute, so the soft nylon bristles deliver superior cleaning and even plaque removal.

When you order this Slim Sonic toothbrush from Dental Mart, you get one additional brush head, the required AAA battery, and also free shipping. Look and feel your best with this fine oral care product.