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SmartGuard Elite 2 pack-Free Shipping

SmartGuard Elite 2 pack-Free Shipping
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SmartGuardŽ Night Guard was designed by a TMJ Dentist who has been treating patients suffering from the symptoms of TMD and Bruxism for nearly 20 years. Dr. Spainhower designed SmartGuardŽ to utilize the same technology that he's used to make his custom TMJ splints in his practice.


SmartGuard's patented unique design prevents the back teeth from coming into contact while you sleep and can reduce the clenching pressure by as much as 70%. This design relaxes the jaw muscles and dramatically reduces the symptoms associated with clenching and grinding at night. SmartGuardŽ will retrain your brain NOT to clench at night as you continue to wear it, thus relieving your symptoms and pain.


You can mold your SmartGuardŽ Night Guard in a matter of minutes after reading the molding instructions contained in the package. Once you've molded your SmartGuardŽ it should fit comfortably in your mouth all night while you sleep and provide the relief you need to get your life back. If the SmartGuardŽ becomes loose over time, simply go through the molding process again until it fits snuggly in your mouth.

SmartGuard Elite is designed to fit the majority of individuals mouths. However, if you have a very small mouth, or a sensitive gag reflex, the SmartGuard Original might be a better fit