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SmartGuard Night Guard Elite-Free Shipping

SmartGuard Night Guard Elite-Free Shipping
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Product Description

If you're struggling to find an effective solution for night-time clenching and tooth grinding, you need the SmartGuard Night Guard Elite. This patented mold is designed to relax your jaw muscles, giving you a custom fit that can reduce clenching pressure as much as 70 percent. As you wear the patented SmartGuard, it retrains your brain to cease the clenching, thereby ending your TMJ symptoms and pain. A TMJ dentist actually designed this night guard with the same technology he has used when making custom TMJ splints for his patients.

Just follow the enclosed instructions to mold the Smartguard Elite to your mouth, and if it should ever loosen over time, you simply repeat the molding process. The only caveat is for those with a small mouth or sensitive gag reflex. If this describes you, then the SmartGuard Original might be a better fit.