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UVDenta portable toothbrush sterilizer

UVDenta portable toothbrush sterilizer
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Product Description

1. Protect your health with ultraviolet (UV) technology

Sterilizes and deodorizes your toothbrush for you and your family's health

Uses the same UV sterilization technology that many of your dentists now use

Good for the home, office, school, travel, business trip, and vacation

2. Easy and convenient

No need to carry a bulky family sterilizer

No need to carry AC power cord (Uses 2 AA batteries)

Compact size (8.3 x 2 X 1.2 inches)

Accommodates most toothbrushes

Wide opening for easy cleaning

3. Automatic operation

Easy and safe (protective design) to use

Patented air ventilator for easy drying

Sterilizing starts by closing the unit after placing the toothbrush inside

Automatic shutoff after 8 minutes of operation (Energy saving)

UV lamp has about 30 years (10,000 hours) lifetime