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Violife Dazzleluxe Dental Polishing System

Violife Dazzleluxe Dental Polishing System
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Product Description

Over time, it is inevitable that your teeth will lose some luster. If you are a daily coffee or tea drinker and/or a smoker, you know that discoloration is even more pronounced. Why, then, would you await a cleaning at your dentist's office, when you can get it twice a month in the comfort of your own home? That opportunity is yours with the easy-to-use Violife Dazzleluxe power polisher, which is almost like bringing your dentist home.

This polishing system has a two-speed motor and comes with all the tools and attachments to achieve a whiter smile: professional-grade fine-grit pastes, an interdental tip to get beyond just the tooth surface, and much more. Since it is battery operated, it is perfect for travel and comes with a convenient storage pouch.

Act now with us at Dental-Mart to acquire this smile-whitening device, and later, when you need Dazzleluxe replacements.

The unit includes:

polishing unit

2 speed motor

3 mint flavored polishing pastes

2 polisihing cups

1 interdental tip

storage/travel pouch

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

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