Closys Intro Kit -Free Shipping

Closys  Intro Kit -Free Shipping
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Product Description

To attack bad breath at its root, we at Dental Mart have a kit of several periodontist-developed products that are university tested. The key active ingredient is Closys, which does not mask odor-causing sulfides, but verifiably destroys them. The CloSYS Intro Kit includes four items: one 32 oz. bottle of CloSYS Oral Rinse - the same mouthwash breath clinics dispense - which alone will give you fresh breath for up to 5 hours; one 3.5 oz. tube of CloSYS Toothpaste; one CloSYS Oral Spray; and one free manual tongue cleaner. Using the cleaner along with the other products will ensure the freshest breath. See Closys Oral Rinse for product details.

While you can count on CloSYS products to purge occasional halitosis, you should seek professional treatment for persistent halitosis to ensure no underlying cause exists.