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Closys Travel Size Toothpaste .75oz -Free Shipping

Closys Travel Size Toothpaste .75oz -Free Shipping
Item# CLOSTP75
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Product Description

If you're already a CloSys Toothpaste user (formerly RetarDENT), you know how effectively it purges bad breath. That's thanks to its active ingredient, CloSys, which periodontists recommend and university tests have shown to be superior at attacking the bacteria that directly leads to bad breath (halitosis). Did you know that Dental Mart offers a CloSys travel size, for those times when you're out and about?

At .75 ounces, this travel size toothpaste is low abrasive, meaning it is not dependent upon bleach to remove stains, polish and whiten. Because it's low foaming toothpaste, it is more compatible with high-efficiency cordless brushes, doing the job without filling your mouth with foam. As you can imagine, this CloSys toothpaste also perfectly complements CloSys Breath Control Oral Rinse. You can always count on Dental Mart for top-quality dental care products.

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