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Closys Toothpaste with Flouride, 7oz-Free Shipping

Closys Toothpaste with Flouride, 7oz-Free Shipping
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Product Description

Fighting bad breath (halitosis) effectively is not popping mints. It's a matter of attacking it at its source, and that is the oral bacteria. Dental Mart offers an array of products featuring the active ingredient, CloSys, which does just that. One of those products is CloSys Toothpaste with Fluoride, which perfectly complements CloSys Breath Control Oral Rinse. It contains low abrasive silica polishers that remove stains, polish and whiten without generating all the foam that tends to lull you into thinking your mouth is clean, when it is not. The lack of foam makes CloSys Toothpaste especially good to use with electric toothbrushes.

When you order from Dental Mart, you will receive a 7 oz. tube. For even greater protection, consider also ordering CloSys Oral Rinse and using the Sleepright tongue cleaner.